Make sense of finance…



For most people, finance is difficult to understand.


It will be a pleasure for Jean-Pierre Riepe, independent counsellor, to meet you in one of his offices to respond to your questions and thoughts but also to explain how SwissProfilinvest is different.


How can you be thrilled by finance ?


The passion of creating solutions and to respond to the expectations of clients in a living world and in an environment of continual change requires up-stream analysis, which is fascinating.

The pleasure of meeting a client, discovering his objectives and interests….and how to provide the best advice (including finding the best specialist partners) by putting oneself in his shoes, is also greatly satisfying.

Curiosity - the engine of research - and motivation, allows the discovery of new opportunities for the benefit of his clients.


What is the model’s approach ?


A multi-focused model. He will accompany you in an open and flexible manner in accordance with a profile established from the first meetings and which recognises your objectives, interests, risk appetite and choices in order to attain a return objective but also your personal, ethical goals. Objectives can vary significantly; depending if, for example, the person is a foundation, a company, a wealthy family, an industrialist, a passive investor, an investment club, a self-employed person, or a person looking to optimise his retirement plan. Risks and returns can also vary depending on the assets chosen, such as shares, bonds, liquidities, precious metals, real estate, forests, fine wine, art, etc. The spectrum is large. Depending on the outcome of such conversations, he proposes financial solutions in line with your choices – but you make the final decision.


What is your counsellor’s background ?


With several qualifications (1) and over thirty years’ of service in banks and finance houses, of which over fifteen directly servicing client needs, he has acquired a savoir-faire and vision which enables him to defend his clients’ interests in an optimum manner and he decided to become an independent counsellor. Endowed with the creativity to find partners who offer innovative financial solutions -close to the real economy- a conservative and analytical approach and logical reasoning, facilitates the finding of the best financial solutions for his client.

Having anticipated in 2002 the end of the internet crisis, the return to grace of gold and precious metals, he also anticipated in mid-2006 the risks that the financial system posed to the real economy. He proved he possesses the analytical and counselling qualities the empower clients to foresee and decide.


From previous professional experience, he has created a model favouring:

  • The choice of manager to match the client’s profile (multiple choices)
  • The choice of services tailored to the client, without additional costs
  • Competitive and clear fees (transparency)
  • Quality, rather than quantity, of clients (differentiation)


What are the future directions ?


Areas such as renewable energies, new technologies, evolving ways to make payments and financing, ethics, social governance, means of telecommunications and transport, will certainly be subjects to approach in the future, if you wish. It is in this context that a counsellor can accompany you in your selection and help you to find your solutions.


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